Pinch vs Thumb

Pinch vs Thumb

It’s a wrangle to decide how to control your drone’s flight, using your thumbs or pinching the sticks. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages; personal comfort also plays a major role in that. 


  • Using the thumb system helps you to securely hold the radio body with the rest of your fingers by keeping your thumbs on the upper end of the sticks.
  •  If you are a gamer or are new to handling drones, you will most likely find this method more convenient and natural. 
  • The auxiliary switches are easier to reach with your free index fingers. 
  • It also increases your range of motion, allowing your stick to travel further without being restricted by your index finger. 
  • But, you need to be careful if you have shaky hands due to factors such as cold weather, nervousness, etc. 


  • The pinch method is another popular way for people to hold their transmitters. The pointer and thumb fingers pinch the edges of the sticks, while the ring and middle fingers activate the switches. 
  • Though it takes some time getting used to, this method gives your fingers more precision since you now have two fingers attempting to control the sticks instead of one thumb. 
  • It might not seem easy for a beginner but any shortcomings are compensated by the increased accuracy and precision which comes with practice. 
  • The pinch grip is commonly used by a few FPV pilots for racing and precision acrobatics.

Our advice is to give both a try and stick to whatever seems confident. Preferesences vary with perspectives from person to person.

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