Drone Frame Comparison Matrix

Drone Frame Comparison Matrix

The building of a drone starts from selecting a suitable frame which is mainly based on the usage. This itself is a huge dilemma, especially for beginners. People often get confused about the type of drone frame to be used, considering the diverse range of drones available consisting of different sizes, shapes, and weights.  

Drone frames are generally distinguished by their shape and size. H, X, Deadcat, Square, Plus, and Unibody are some prominent frames available in the market. 

The frame size refers to the distance in mm measured from one motor to the diagonally opposite motor which mandates the size of the propellor you can fit on it. 

Check out the Drone Frame Comparison matrix, to see how our products are compared against one another on the basis of three fundamental parameters- frame size, frame weight (without the electronic components), and the price of the kit. For further details, click here

Name Size Weight Price
Assassin 5-inch 5.1 inches


129.54 mm

210gm ₹2,648.00
Bumblebee HD V3 CineWhoop 3 inches


76.2 mm

164.1g ₹6,156.00
Green Hornet V3 CineWhoop 3 inches


76.2 mm

280.1g ₹5,746.00
HGLRC KT20 2 inches


50.8 mm

24.6g ₹2,500.00
HGLRC Petrel 65Whoop (ultra-light) 2.55 inches
65 mm
7.4g ₹999.00
HGLRC Veyron30CR 3″ CineWhoop 3 inches


76.2 mm

106.6g ₹3,790.00
HSKRC 3 Inch 140mm 3 inches


76.2 mm

30g ₹9,699.00
IX2 90mm Micro 3.54 inches


90 mm

30g ₹8,299.00
Mark4 5 inch 225mm 5 inches


225 mm

130g ₹1,900.00
Mark4 7inch 295mm 7 inches


295 mm

150g ₹2,328.00
ProTek25 HD/Analog CineWhoop 4.49 inches


115 mm

93g ₹3,838.00
ProTek35 HD CineWhoop 5.95 inches


152 mm

153g ₹4,788.00
ProTek60 Pro (Universal) 11.1 inches


282 mm

1330g ₹38,304.00
ProTek60 Pro (ZCAM/RED) 11.1 inches


282 mm

1330g ₹38,303.00
S550 Hexacopter 21.65 inches


550 mm

760g ₹4,500.00
Shendrones Geyser 7 inches


177.8 mm

844g ₹7,399.00
Shendrones Nutmeg 3.74 inches


95 mm

356g ₹3,799.00
TITAN DC5 V1.4 HD 8.74 inches


222 mm

150.4g ₹4,499.00
TITAN LH5 Freestyle 9.8 inches


249 mm

145.9g ₹22,250.00
VT400 17.71 inches


450 mm

270g ₹599.00

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