- First time in India

Drone Arena

Set-up drone experience arenas in schools, colleges or malls where the customer just has to come to the arena, fly our drones and get the ultimate experience under the guidance of our pilots!


Capture stunning Aerial footage with us!

Craft a narrative that takes your viewers on a journey, highlighting the uniqueness and significance of your story by capturing stunning aerial footage with us of different landscapes

Hoist your flag with our drones

Elevate your brand visibility with our drone services, allowing you to display your flag or logo from stunning aerial perspectives at events, festivals, or corporate functions

Pilot Partnership Program

FPV Pilots! Follow your passion by joining our program to work with different brands while getting sponsored travel, accommodation and opportunity


Pioneer in the Drone Industry

Partner with the market leaders and contribute to the advancement of the technology

Enhance your aerial filming capabilities

Capture stunning visuals for documentaries, movies, commercials and landscapes.

Brand Promotion and Exposure

Gain exposure to a wider audience by promoting your brand and expanding your reach with insideFPV.

Collaborative Opportunities

Open up opportunities for collaboration on innovative projects, research and development initiatives