“If you have been surfing through the internet and an electronic dragonfly (drone) made you pause your scrolling and coaxed you to pursue your flying experience then it is unlikely that you will pause there but what if you can’t find your exact expectations and you would wish to customize each component of the drone?”

Firsts are always indelible especially priced purchases. What will your first drone be? It will give you much-needed insights and experience to further your foray into the world of drones. 

Before settling on a choice you’ll be stuck in the dilemma of whether to build one yourself and flex your hardware skills or get a plug-and-fly one, like many others. You might find yourself lost, confused about selecting the right type and model, amongst hundreds of variations with endless combinations of drones and components available in the market. 

Today you have the possibility to modify every fraction and replace it according to your whims and fancies, building drones is the latest DIY trend but buying one won’t cast you as a non-technical person. In fact, it is advised to buy until you gain some experience and knowledge to be able to build. 

Of course, your choice options would also be affected by your need, whether you want to be a freelancer, or you need it for professional use such as aerial photography or drone racing. The technicalities might seem pretty confusing at first, but over time once you’re accustomed to drone mechanisms and systems, you’ll get the hang of it. It’s addicting and that’s the fun part too, you would get hooked wanting to try out different probabilities to come up with a new version, fully customized by you and ready to conquer new heights. 

The sense of pride and satisfaction of seeing something of yours flourish is unbeatable.

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