iFlight 2-8S 6-35A Voltage Regulator Module 5V/2A 12V/3A Mirco BEC Output Power Supply Module Board

The iFlight BLITZ PSM BXN 5D2UD6 BEC Module is a versatile and reliable power supply solution for RC drones and other electronics projects

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Step-down switching mode

High-efficiency synchronous rectification

Wide input voltage range

Adjustable output voltage

Compact size and lightweight

iFlight BLITZ PSM BXN 5D2UD6 BEC Module 5V 12V Output for RC Drone FPV Racing

  • The iFlight BLITZ PSM BXN 5D2UD6 BEC Module is a versatile power supply module designed for RC drones, particularly FPV racing drones.
  • It features step-down switching mode technology, high-efficiency synchronous rectification, and the ability to step down from an input voltage of up to 35V to a low output stable voltage.
  • This makes it an ideal solution for applications that require stable and reliable power delivery.
  • The step-down switching mode technology ensures efficient power conversion, minimizing heat generation and improving overall system efficiency.
  • The high-efficiency synchronous rectification further enhances power conversion efficiency, maximizing battery life and reducing power




12 x 14 x 6 mm

Output current:

2A continuous, 3A peak

Output voltage:

5V or 12V (adjustable)

Input voltage:

6V to 35V

What's Inside the box ?
  • 1x BEC Module

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