High Quality Ultra Flexible 18AWG Silicone Wire 3m (Red)

This is a 3-meter long, red, single conductor wire ideal for various electronic applications due to its unique properties.

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Ultra-flexible silicone insulation

8 AWG conductor size

Tinned copper conductor

High strand count

Wide temperature range

High Quality Ultra Flexible 18AWG Silicone Wire 3m (Red)

This high-quality, ultra-flexible 18 AWG silicone wire in red is perfect for a variety of electrical applications. Its 3-meter length offers ample working space, while the silicone insulation provides remarkable flexibility for tight spaces and easy routing. The tinned copper conductor ensures excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. This wire boasts a voltage rating of around 600V and a temperature range of -60°C to +200°C, making it suitable for diverse environments. With its low internal resistance and ability to handle higher currents, this wire is ideal for RC hobbies (connecting batteries to ESCs), electronics projects, appliance repair, LED lighting installations, and sensor connections.

Wire gauge:

18 AWG


3 meters (10 feet)



Voltage rating:

Typically 600V

Temperature rating:

Around -60°C to +200°C

Conductor material:

Tinned copper

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1x High Quality Ultra Flexible 18AWG Silicone Wire 3m (Red)

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