HGLRC AEOLUS 1102 10000KV/18000KV Brushless Motor

The HGLRC AEOLUS 1102 10000KV/18000KV Brushless Motor is a great choice for pilots who are looking for a powerful, durable, and versatile motor for their toothpick drone or other high-performance multirotor application.

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Lightweight and compact design

High power output

Smooth and efficient operation

Durable construction

Compatible with a wide range of props

HGLRC AEOLUS 1102 10000KV/18000KV Brushless Motor

  • Lightweight and compact design: The motor is extremely lightweight and compact, making it ideal for small drones.
  • High power output: The motor has a high KV rating of 10000KV or 18000KV, which means that it can produce a lot of power for its size. This makes it ideal for high-performance drones.
  • Smooth and efficient operation: The motor uses high-quality bearings and magnets, which ensures smooth and efficient operation.
  • Durable construction: The motor is made from high-strength materials, making it durable and resistant to damage.
  • Compatible with a wide range of props: The motor is compatible with a wide range of props, from 2-inch to 3-inch. This makes it versatile and suitable for a variety of applications.



Wire length(include connector):


Recommended Prop(inch):


Maximum Power:




What's Inside the box ?
  • 1x HGLRC AEOLUS 1102 10000KV/18000KV Brushless Motor

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