Multirotor Motors Comparison Matrix

Multirotor Motors Comparison Matrix

Really interested in building your own drone? That’s great, considering if you know what parts to buy and how to assemble them perfectly. Now, within the current market, thousands of varieties are available for each part, and getting a dilemma in choosing between parts is very common. And the motors are, literally, the driving force behind any drone, and thus it is very important to get perfect choices of motors to make sure the necessity is satisfied for the occasion. And to help you compare among the vast varieties of motors that we provide, we have compiled a comparison matrix to help you choose better.

Name Shape/Design Size Weight Price
0802SE 19500KV Brushless Motors Shaft length: 5mm Shaft diameter: 1mm 1.83g/pc ₹4,199.00
1507 Smoox Plus 3800KV RCINPOWER Brushless Motor 20.7×28.2mm Stator Diameter: 15mmStator Length: 7mm 16.8g ₹1,349.00
2550KV XING 2005 FPVMotor Shaft Length:4mm 21g ₹7,730.00
5010 360KV High Torque Brushless Motor Shaft size: 4mm ₹1,499.00
5010 750KV High Torque Brushless Motor Shaft diameter: 4mm 112g ₹1,699.00
A2212 1000 KV BLDC Brushless DC Motor Shaft Diameter: 3.17 mm ₹450.00
EMAX ECO 1407 Micro Series 2-4S 2800/3300/4100KV – 2800KV Motor Length: 31.2mm Diameter: 18.8mm 13.7g ₹1,399.00
EMAX ECO 2207 1900kv Brushless Motor Length: 32.6mm Diameter: 27.45mm 31.5g ₹999.00
EMAX RS2205 KV2300 Brushless 15mm Extended Prop Shaft ₹1,350.00
Emax RS2306 Black Edition 2400KV 3-4S Racing Brushless Motor Diameter: 28.3MM
Length: 30.1MM
33.84g ₹2,699.00
iFlight Xing 1507 4-6S 2800KV Unibell Motor Stator Diameter: 14mmStator Length: 8mm 15.8g ₹999.00
RCINPOWER SMOOX 1507 PLUS M2 SYSTEM-3800KV-MICRO MOTOR 12mm x 12 mm 17.9g ₹1,348.00
T-Motor F1507 V1 Motor 2700KV Shaft Diameter: 2mm 15.2g ₹1,699.00
XING 2205 FPV NextGen Motor Stator Diameter: 22mmStator Length: 5mm 13g ₹1,710.00
XING X1404 Toothpick Ultralight Build Stator Diameter: 14mmStator Length: 4mmShaft Diameter:2mm 8.5g ₹1,504.00
XING-E Pro 2207 2-6S FPV NextGen Motor Shaft Diameter: 5mmStator Diameter: 22mm 33.8g ₹1,231.00
XING-E Pro 2306 1700KV 6S Shaft Diameter: 5mmShaft length:13.5mm 33.8g ₹1,299.00
XING2 1404 3800Kv Toothpick Ultralight Build Stator Diameter: 14mmStator Length: 4mmShaft Diameter: 1.5mm 8.5g ₹1,289.00
XING2 2205 4S 6S FPV Motor Unibell Stator Diameter: 22mmStator Length: 5mm 23.3g ₹1,976.00

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