Cinewhoop….ever heard of it? No? Cinewhoop drones are used for aerial photography purposes, usually having ducts strong enough to carry a GoPro, making them excellent tools to capture amazing cinematic footage. Cinewhoop drones are known for their stability and control, although they are slow, and can fly relatively safe around objects and people, resulting in smooth and incredible shots.

Flying a cinewhoop is quite different compared to a regular freestyle drone. First off, the thrust is much less than a freestyle one, also having a power-to-weight ratio much lower, since it isn’t designed for speed.

In the current market, you would have a couple of choices; if you prefer to have a ready-made drone delivered to you, for just plug-and-fly purposes, or you can build your own cinewhoop drone according to your specifications if you have the skill. And to aid you in your selection of cinewhoop drone frames here is a matrix comparing the wide range of cinewhoop frames we have to offer:

Name Shape/Design Size Weight Price
BumbleBee HD V3 CineWhoop  3 inches76.2 mm 164.1g ₹6,156.00
Green Hornet V3 CineWhoop 3 inches76.2 mm 280.1g ₹5,746.00
HGLRC Veyron30CR 3″ CineWhoop 3 inches76.2 mm 106.6g ₹3,790.00
Shendrones Geyser 7 inches177.8 mm 844g ₹7,399.00
ProTek25 HD/Analog CineWhoop 4.49 inches115 mm 93g ₹3,838.00
Shendrones Nutmeg 3.74 inches95 mm 356g ₹3,799.00

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