1 KG

Payload Capacity (Max)

120 Km/h

Max Speed

-10° to 40°

Working Temperature

Kamikaze drones, or loitering munitions, are advanced unmanned aerial vehicles designed for precise strikes and reconnaissance. They feature advanced sensors and guidance systems for pinpoint target identification and minimal collateral damage. Ideal for complex urban environments and remote areas, these drones excel in combat missions. They also gather real-time intelligence on enemy positions, enhancing operational planning. In counterterrorism, kamikaze drones offer a proactive approach to threat neutralization without endangering civilians. Cost-effective and rapidly deployable, they represent a pivotal advancement in modern military technology, integrating AI and ensuring their relevance in evolving warfare strategies.

Drone Specs

Dimensions (LxWxH)34 x 30 x 3 cm
Max Speed120km/h
Avg speed20km/h
Maximum Radius Distance10km
Maximum Take-off Altitude6km
Max Hover Time~40 mins
Working Temperature~10° to 40°C
Weight (Without Battery)825g
Weight (With Battery)1.721kg
Payload Capacity (Max)1kg
Flight Time (Max Payload)20 mins
Wind Speed Resistance40kmph
Battery Capacity8000mAh 6S



TVL(Analog Resolution Measurement)1200
Screen FormatSwitchable


Radio Frequency2.4GHz
Video Frequency5.8GHz
Video Recording Resolution1200 TVL
Video Storage Bitrate15 Mbps (H.256 codec)
File Storage FormatFAT32 JPG
Image FormatMP4
Video FormatMicroSD Class10, Max 128GB
Supported MicroSD CardsRecord Button Capture during flight
Photography ModeAuto
White Balance 

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