Top Defense Drones in India: A Comprehensive Overview

The defense landscape in India has evolved significantly, and drones have become an integral part of modern military operations. With advancements in technology, the Indian defense sector has adopted various types of drones to enhance surveillance, reconnaissance, and combat capabilities. In this blog, we will explore some of the top defense drones used by the Indian Army, with insights from insideFPV, a deep-tech drone startup revolutionizing the defense space.

1. Panchi

Panchi is an innovative variant of the Nishant UAV, designed by the Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) of DRDO. Unlike its predecessor, Panchi is a wheeled version that can take off and land like a conventional aircraft. It is equipped with real-time video and imagery transmission capabilities, making it ideal for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The drone can operate in various terrains and weather conditions, providing the Indian Army with a versatile tool for monitoring border areas and conducting intelligence operations.

2. Harpy MK II

The Harpy MK II is a loitering munition developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and used by the Indian Army. This drone is designed for suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD). It can autonomously detect, attack, and destroy radar emitters, making it a crucial asset for neutralizing enemy air defenses. The Harpy MK II has a significant operational range and can loiter over the battlefield, providing continuous surveillance and immediate strike capabilities.

3. Netra

Netra is a micro UAV developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in collaboration with IdeaForge, a Mumbai-based company. This drone is primarily used for surveillance and reconnaissance in urban and rural environments. Netra is equipped with high-resolution cameras and can transmit live video feeds to ground control stations. Its compact size and portability make it ideal for quick deployment in various operational scenarios.

4. Rustom

Rustom is a medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) UAV developed by DRDO. The drone is designed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. It is equipped with advanced sensors, including electro-optical and infrared cameras, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), and maritime patrol radar. Rustom can operate at altitudes of up to 35,000 feet and has an endurance of over 24 hours, making it a valuable asset for continuous monitoring of large areas.

5. Heron

The Heron is a multi-role MALE UAV developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and used extensively by the Indian Army. This drone is capable of performing a wide range of missions, including surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance. It is equipped with advanced sensors and communication systems, enabling real-time data transmission to ground control stations. The Heron can operate in all weather conditions and has an endurance of over 52 hours, providing long-duration surveillance capabilities.

6. Harop

The Harop is another loitering munition developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and used by the Indian Army. This drone is designed for autonomous detection and destruction of enemy targets. It can loiter over the battlefield for extended periods and engage targets with precision strikes. The Harop is equipped with advanced sensors and warheads, making it a formidable asset for suppressing enemy air defenses and neutralizing high-value targets.

insideFPV: Revolutionizing Defense with Cutting-Edge Drones

insideFPV, a deep-tech drone startup, is making significant strides in the defense sector by developing innovative drone solutions. With a vision to become the number one global drone manufacturing brand, insideFPV is focused on providing accessible, affordable, and best-in-class drones to its customers. The company has achieved several milestones and is recognized for its advanced drone technologies.

Elevate Z1

The Elevate Z1 is a high-performance drone developed by insideFPV for aerial surveillance and reconnaissance missions. It features a 4K video output, a range of up to 5 kilometers, and a flight time of up to 105 minutes. The drone is equipped with obstacle avoidance, AI tracking, and return-to-home features, ensuring safe and reliable operations. The Elevate Z1 is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and can operate in winds of up to level 8 on the Beaufort scale.

Aarambh V2

Aarambh V2 is a compact and durable drone designed for both indoor and outdoor operations. It has a flight time of up to 15 minutes and a range of up to 1 kilometer. The drone is equipped with a 610p video resolution camera, making it suitable for surveillance in confined spaces. The Aarambh V2 features a minimalist noise profile and can be deployed within 45 seconds, providing quick and efficient reconnaissance capabilities.


The Kamikaze drone is a specialized loitering munition developed by insideFPV for tactical operations. It has a flight time of up to 30 minutes and a range of up to 10 kilometers. The drone is equipped with a bottom-view camera for track-and-destroy missions and can carry a payload of up to 2 kilograms. The Kamikaze drone is designed for extreme shock absorbency and can operate in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 40°C. It also features a self-destruction IED mount, making it a versatile asset for various combat scenarios.

Drones have become an essential component of the Indian Army's defense strategy, providing enhanced surveillance, reconnaissance, and combat capabilities. With the continuous development of advanced drone technologies, the Indian defense sector is poised to achieve new heights in operational efficiency and effectiveness. Companies like insideFPV are playing a crucial role in this evolution by developing cutting-edge drones that cater to the diverse needs of the defense sector. As technology continues to advance, the future of defense drones in India looks promising, with increased adoption and deployment across various military operations.

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