Should you buy DJI FPV Drones as a beginner or get a different drone kit?

Hey! Stop mulling over which drone to buy. As intriguing as it may seem it is an easy enough question to answer. The most exasperating bone of contention thrown down the gauntlet to any beginner in this drone ecosystem is to conclude which drone to buy. It is as if answering the query ‘What should I cook today’ which while answering comes down to..

Do you know how to cook? / Do you know how to fly a drone?

Or do you play video games where you are accustomed with the controls or the VR goggles? Even something as simple as a chapati cannot be mastered in a single day. You may get a perfect circle somehow but to roll it evenly is not a cakewalk and demands practice. So you can’t make a taco before you learn to roll chapatis. Any first person view of drones requires a few prerequisites and it usually crashes during your initial flights. If playing video games is a hobby then you should probably skip this paragraph but if you haven’t ever set your hands on remote controls then a challenge is in store for you. Be that as it may, the latter should not dissuade you from flying first person view drones instead of other easy to fly drones like Mavics which you’ll see later. 

What is the weather like? 

Here I’m really assuming that you don’t dare to eat crushed ice even though it is snowing outside. Your flying pets are weather sensitive too. With a Crash Jacket you may fly DJI FPV in light rain but it’s impossible in a heavy downpour. DJI Agras T16 is both water and dust resistant whereas the Phantom and Mavic series, in absence of any IP rating, is advised not to fly near construction zones or in sudden weather altering places. So check the weather tolerance of the drone depending on your need whether you want to video graph a tornado, prevail over ice cladded mountains or shoot underwater.

What Do You Want To Eat? / What Do YOU Want To Buy?

Eventually none of the above matters if your craving for something is strong enough. In spite of the scorching rays of the sun baking the streets you still yearn to eat some spicy sizzler who will stop you? So your inexperience has nothing to do with the type of your to-be-brought drone as long as you are a stubborn learner. Although many people think that flying drones is an expensive hobby so the first one should be cost effective it actually compromises their safety as cheaper drones do not have collision resistance sensors not to mention that buying drones over 250g requires you to pay registration fee to take a certification course. If you don’t want to fall in the legal vortex you may like these nano-drones –

  • DJI Mini 2 (has GPS based return to home feature and pilot assist)
  • DJI Mavic Mini (best for aerial photography/videography susceptible to crosswinds and interference in radio)
  • DJI Mini SE (lowest-cost foldable camera drone, a coupling of DJI Mini2 and Mavic Mini)
  • Ryze Tello (grants self-programming – even by kids)
  • Holy stone HS510 (good for photo but not videos, can return back even with lost connection)

Most of these drones have the potential to hover despite the controller being abandoned hence they possess negligible crash potency due to the incognizance of greenhorns. Nonetheless if you are okay with digging deep into your pockets DJI FPVs encapsulates the latest features and is the best for drone racing. Having the advantage of 8 channels in one digital system 8 folks can race using that one system alone. Apart from being the best option for racing FPVs are a personal favorite of every gamer for its virtual environment view that encompasses a completely reciprocated experience or for its multifarious appurtenances with which the DJI drones come. By the way if you go for anything above 250g  you will have to undergo pilot certification hence you really don’t remain a ‘beginner’ after extensive simulation and illustrative practices which opens up a myriad of options. Before you start weighing your options it is essential to remember that even if you master various categories of drones flying an DJI FPV will still seem like starting from scratch kind of thing so there’s no getting accustomed with easier ones ahead. The DJI FPV is its first so naturally better versions are much awaited nevertheless, the reliable syncing between the drone and controls makes it beginner friendly but you should be ready for a few crashes. Since beginners need some ‘daily grind’ with their flying pets to master flying, greater battery life is required which is a unique feature of our DJI first person with 20 minutes of battery (making the drone more hefty) and a self discharging trait to avoid swelling and elevate lifespan. Other additional help is the 150 degree wide view from camera extending till the propellers which should be kept in mind while flying any first person view drone to avert grazing of the ends with any tall obstacles (that pilots miss sometimes while focusing on the path ahead). 


Since DJI FPV has literally hijacked the market here are some other popular drones for you to check (in India):

Cloud 149 mm 3 inch Cinewhoop Digital Build FPV, compatible with any camera 
Green Hornet V3  CineWhoop  FPV, bumper prop guards, light weight
Chimera5 DC LR FPV Digital System FPV, compatible with Vista Air Unit
Titan DC5 V1.4 HD FPV Frame Digital Build One piece frame

iFlight Chimera7 LR FPV Digital Build

FPV, compatible with Vista Air Unit
Drone XPro FPV, anti-collision system
Tactic Air Drone FPV, foldable, intelligent gesture control
Protocol  Crash resistant materials, 7 minutes battery life
Symba 100 m flight range
Kaiser Baas 70m control range, 8 minutes battery life


Now that you have understood your requirements besides the various attributes pertaining to DJI FPVs and other drone kits plus the arm and a leg that you will spend, all your bases have been covered. Since we already did the hard part we hope you won’t have to count your chickens much and whenever you feel undecided we are always at your beck and call!

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