Quality VS Cost in FPV

While pursuing such luxurious hobbies that too in latest technologies that keeps escalating steeper in the technology graph to research on high grade products is as essential as partaking your hobby besides using your wherewithal. Before you drain your pocket besides wrinkling your nose over dissuading products you should know the difference between glamour and cheapjack. There are companies that put all their resources in one go into one product and their counterparts that mete out among their keenly priced counterparts. Our goal is to provide you with up to snuff drones.

FPV Goggles

Well they are the reasons why FPVs are bought 90% of the time. As a staple part of FPV your goggles should be the most expensive item among the necessary accessories, moreover they don’t suffer crash or other resistance like the drones. So rather than upgrading it periodically, paying up heartily for once is the best option. The most popular is the FAT Shark Dominator HD3 Core goggles shipped with AV and HDMI cables. FOV on HD3 has been dialled to 42 degrees for large screen experience. Its 59-69mm IPD Range is adjustable all the while supporting high definition media interface 720p but does not support HD recording. If you don’t wanna spend 30000 Eachine EV100 comes with dual antennas, 1000mAh battery, 720*540 resolution and 28 degree diagonal FOV angle. Its cost effectiveness is manifested by plethora of features like — AV input and output, external HDMI to AVI module support, external DVR module support, single receiver with dual antennas, fan to defog glasses, adjustable focal length etc., all this in merely Rs 13,689.  

Transmitter and Antennas

Apart from being cool they need to be of the best quality if you don’t want your drone crashing down on you while shooting YouTube live. Transmitters and drones work homogeneously with a maximum number of antennas at play. The Lumenier AXII 5.8GHz antenna is incredibly light weight, about 7.6 g and less than half the size of its counterparts.  With a maximum gain of 1.6dBic enabling better penetration it has an Axial ratio of 1.0 besides more than 90 degrees of freedom. Costing over RS 2255 which is justified by 98% radiation efficiency and its compatibility it is one of the most extravagant antennas. With all its features it seems to be the best buy in as much as you turn a blind eye to its economical counterpart, i.e.; the Albatross 150mm 5.8GHz SMA which comes barely at Rs 500. Designed to be a perfect upgrade for DJI system it replaces the fragile antennas and unlike Lumenier this is left hand polarized but with axial ratio 0.7 and a slightly greater weight of 10.9g. 


We have already extensively advised on why LiPo batteries are the best for FPVs in particular and other drones in general. Evaluated over Rs 2000 Bonka 11.1V 3S 3300mAh 35C LiPo weighs 260g has a charge rate of 3C but can be extended to 5C max in contrast to its budget friendly Rs 1,399 Bonka 11.1V 3S 2200mah 35C LiPo battery. Whatever the battery, their chargers should not overheat or burn them. The cheap B6 clones’ voltage sensors don’t work precisely. ToolkitRC chargers are best and more economical than ISDT which are also competitive. More important for them is to use a DC power supply.  

Quad parts


After spending your month’ remuneration the last thing you may want to see is your drone kit falling short of your expectation. Of all modules frames provide the most varied collection from racing, freestyle, cinewhoops to quadkopter frames. Our ultra durable F550 Hexa-Copter frame included with landing gears and integrated PCB Kit may cost INR 2,700 but ensures safe landing of drones even with one or two motors down which the quadcopter does not facilitate. While the 6 arms require more batteries, providing longer flight time and stable hovering it also comprises its weight. So if you are a confident enough pilot you may go for a cheaper (INR 750) Quadcopter where its strong build prevents arm breakage in the course of hard landing. 


If your avocation incorporates DIY (ing) your drones then you as sure as eggs are eggs go through the hustle of selecting the perfect motor for your first person. Check the EMAX MT2213 Brushless DC motor that gives high performance operation at low temperature and vibration free flight characteristics. 

Some other parts to check out before you leave


Propellers 1555 CW/CCW carbon fibre propellers Azure power 5140 tri-blade light control props Gemfan Flash 5149  Gemfan hurricane version
FC IFlight SucceX-E Mini flight controller KK 2.1.5 multi rotor LCD FC board Omnibus F4 V2 PRO FC with SD card slot and BEC T-Motor F4 Fc
ESC HGLRC ZEUS 48A 4IN1 3-6S BlHeli-S ESC Hobbywing XRotor 40A 3-6S 4-in-1 BLHeli_32 ESC Tekko32 F3 4in1 mini ESC(45A) SimonK 30A BLDC ESC Electronic Speed Controller without Connectors
FPV Camera 1000TVL 1/3 CCD 110 Degree 2.8mm Lens Mini RunCam Phoenix 2 Nano Edition 1000 TVL 1000TVL CMOS 3.6mm Lens FPV Mini RunCam Swift 2


Since FPVs are relatively newer versions their price is the result of all that research put into them which like any other technology will get subsidised sooner or later. One way to win a race is not let your drone faint in the way and that can be achieved only with high standard builds which really need not to be the most expensive.


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