Integrating Drones into Commercial Workflows


Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have become increasingly popular and innovative in recent years. Drones were formerly thought to be mostly entertainment gadgets, however they are now widely used in business fields such as photography, surveying, infrastructure inspection, filmmaking, and more.

Businesses may use drone technology's airborne capabilities to improve operations, take visually appealing photos, evaluate assets, and increase productivity. Specifically, the insideFPV Elevate drone has capabilities that make it perfect for commercial usage at a reasonable cost.

Let's explore major advancements in drone technology that make broad commercial integration possible, major industries that gain from UAVs, use cases that highlight the possibilities of drones, and how the Elevate drone may provide companies a competitive advantage in the air.


Key Drone Developments

The following significant advancements in drone technology have opened the door to commercial integration:

  • Flight Time: A lot of prosumer and commercial drones, like the Elevate, now provide 105+ minute flight periods, up from just 20-30 minutes a few years ago.
  • Camera Quality: Drones can capture detailed, smooth footage with their 4K, 12+ MP cameras and excellent picture stabilization. Sturdy 4K video and beautiful 20 MP still photos are captured by the Elevate.
  • Safety: Automated flying modes, obstacle avoidance sensors make airborne operations safer and more dependable. Obstacle avoidance is available in 540° on the Elevate.
  • Training & Support: Drone manufacturers have made commercial adoption easier with their streamlined training programs and committed customer support resources. InsideFPV provides helpful resources and prompt assistance by pilot partnership programs that assist in training of pilots.
  • Price: Drones in the middle market that cost around ₹1 to 3 lakhs, increasingly come equipped with enterprise-level functionalities. ELevate drone is listed at the price of ₹1.5 lakhs only.

Drones such as the Elevate drone are no longer just novelty devices ; they are increasingly becoming valuable commercial instruments.


Top Industries Adopting Drones

Drones are being used by a wide range of industries to market properties and projects, collect data, monitor locations, get previously unattainable points of view, and automate manual operations.

  • Film & Content Creation: Utilize creative aerial viewpoints to record expansive 4K video and 20MP still images. Elevate-style drones maximize output value.
  • Photography: Give shots striking angles and elevation in photography. Drone skills are beneficial for photography of landscapes, real estate, events, marriages, wildlife, etc.
  • Surveying & Inspection: Gather images, videos, and data while safely surveying land, infrastructure (such as cell towers and bridges), accident scenes, properties, mining locations and hazardous areas.
  • Public Safety: To ensure and monitor public safety and to find missing people, pinpoint hotspots during fires, and take aerial photos of accident sites, police and fire services use infrared drones. Drones like Elevate can give a complete picture, which helps police assess the situation and get a quick line-up on the future plan of action.
  • Data Analysis: Gather information, images etc to get the real picture and then use the data for making data-driven decisions to increase precision and accuracy.
  • Agriculture: Agri-drones contain reservoirs that can hold fertilizer and pesticides, they can be utilized to spray chemicals on crops faster than using traditional techniques. It saves time and effort of the farmers, thus freeing up their time to diversify their activities.
  • Cargo and transport: The production of drones with advanced navigational systems, such as GPS and obstacle avoidance software, to allow autonomous flying and navigation, is a significant technological development. This facilitates the safe, effective, and little human intervention required for the delivery of commodities. With high precision and GPS, tracking and package delivery has improved.
  • Military Safety: Drones are used by military bases to patrol the borders and territories of the country and to keep a check on operational activities by self and neighboring countries. They can also directly intervene on the battlefield by dropping or firing precision-guided munitions themselves, or indirectly by designating targets for such munitions to be dropped or fired from manned systems. They are employed for both operational and strategic surveillance as well as battlefield surveillance.

Use Cases

Multitude commercial use cases demonstrate drone capabilities:

  • Hollywood Filmmakers utilize UAVs for incredible chase sequences and intricately planned overhead shots. The Elevate’s 4K video and safety features support complex maneuvers.
  • Real Estate agents capture striking property photos and videos. Showcasing houses, landmarks and neighborhoods from new aerial angles engages buyers.
  • Insurance providers dispatch drones after natural disasters to swiftly evaluate damage across neighborhoods or entire towns.
  • Solar operators use thermographic drones to identify hot spots signaling equipment faults requiring maintenance at vast solar fields.
  • Construction managers track build progress with periodic aerial photos feeding into workflow software systems to update schedules and budgets.
  • Military bases use drones in many countries for operational surveillance and in battlefields as a device via which armors and detonators are connected to use against the other country with which there is a conflict.

These examples exhibit drones’ expanding roles and value for enterprises. When equipped with a stable, high quality platform like the Elevate drone, commercial possibilities are truly limitless.

InsideFPV’s Elevate drone packs top capabilities specially designed for commercial use at an affordable ₹0.9 Lakh price point:

  • Flight Time - Fly for over 35 minutes on a single intelligent battery charge. Extend flight sessions with additional batteries.
  • Video & Photos - Capture spectacular 4K video and 20 MP photographs via 1080p camera. 
  • Obstacle Avoidance- 540° sensing and one key automated avoidance helps prevent crashes, critical for commercial integrity.
  • Durability - An industrial grade carbon fiber frame protects components and withstands adverse weather, collisions, and rigorous commercial working conditions.
  • Support - InsideFPV offers onboarding support, video tutorials, spot replacement parts, and a 1 crash warranty for peace of mind.

The Elevate drone is a flexible aerial instrument for businesses thanks to these features. insideFPV offers enterprise-tailored solutions such as pilot partnership program where training is provided for the same.


Using airborne capabilities opens up enormous commercial value for numerous businesses that would not have been possible without UAVs. Drones such as the Elevate are used to solve issues, improve safety, increase production and efficiency, gather interesting information for content creation and filmmaking, and open up new service opportunities.


Drones will only become more prevalent in the upcoming years across a variety of business industries as barriers to adoption decrease. Drones improve efficiency for a variety of industries and first responders, including photographers, filmmakers, builders, and utilities.



Drones are transforming multiple industries by providing businesses with wide capabilities, interesting content production options, and important aerial viewpoints. Commercial integration will only quicken as platforms like the Elevate drone progress, adding more intelligent capabilities, safer operations, better cameras and sensors, and longer flight durations.

Drones appear to have a bright future since they will play important roles in improving corporate processes through tasks like site monitoring, safety oversight, overhead data collection, productivity optimization, and opening up new creative options to improve deliverables across industries. Companies who take use of drones' advantages now will benefit later.



Can drones be used commercially?

Several industries, including aerial photography, surveying, mapping, agriculture, and package delivery, use commercial drones. These drones are flown by people or businesses who charge others for their services.

Can drones be used commercially without approval?

The specifications of the drone, other than nano drone, make it compulsory to be registered and approved by DGCA. Unauthorized flying of drone is strictly prohibited and can lead to serious legal complications including financial penalties.

Will drone usage increase in the future?

The drone business is one that is growing quickly and changing rapidly. The growing need for drones in a range of applications is driving the industry. But, new technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are also disrupting the drone sector.

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