Insidefpv’s Kamikaze drone: Whole Destruction Drone

Insidefpv’s Kamikaze drone: Whole Destruction Drone
  • Kamikaze drones are reshaping modern warfare situations, playing a pivotal role in the war situation going around the globe.
  • The Kamikaze drones are used to help minimize collateral damage to assets and lives due to precision targeting and bombing, including neutralizing enemy infrastructure and military assets. 
  • Formerly programmed to act as loitering munitions, the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which are single-mission attack drones, has taken a step further.
  • Recent warfare situations, such as the Ukraine-Russia, Russia-Israel, and Israel-Iran War situations, have prompted the increase of drones for the use of aerial war ammunition to neutralize collateral damage.
  • Nations are increasingly investing in drone technology to ensure they remain competitive on the international stage, with drones offering a blend of operational efficiency, reduced risk to personnel, and cost-effectiveness.
  • insideFPV is working on developing a technology that is at par with or better than the technology of global drone technology. With this initiative, they promote “Make in India”, promoting self-reliance in critical technology sectors and reducing dependence on international imports, thus creating drones that are powerful enough to destroy enemy military operations. 
  • Features include speed of 180–250 kmph, range of 15+ km, flight time of 25+ minutes, and a carrying payload of 1-2 kg. 
  • Advanced features like GPS guidance, targeting , and even the ability to loiter for extended periods before striking
  • Two types of control systems are available in the present kamikaze drone. Operational, automatic, or human intervention in control of the drone. 
  • The drones are categorized according to use as suicide drones, as well as the drones that carry the bombs and then drop them at the targeted location.
  • InsideFPV built an in-house, “Make-in-India '' surveillance drone tech that enables flying in India and was controlled by individuals in Oman, Bangalore, and Netherlands, 7000 km away.
  • Zero* video lag was experienced in the experiment, even with the long distance between both locations.
  • The development of this technology is unheard of and is a revolutionary system in the existing defense drone technology of India.
  • This drone technology can be used for aerial surveillance, reconnaissance, and inspection, especially for terrorist movements.
  • InsideFPV, founded in July 2020, raised Rs 3.5 crore in seed funding, achieving recognition on Shark Tank India, Zee TV Naya Bharat, and TedX.
  • Boasts a strong community with over 28,500 members and operates 30+ drone experience arenas across India.

Surat, March-April 2024: InsideFPV, a deep-tech company, specializes in advanced FPV and non-FPV drones for diverse uses, emphasising easy-to-use technology and supporting the "Make in India" initiative with innovative, quality drones. 

insideFPV is working towards making India a drone-equipped country to combat warfare situations, such as those of the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Iran wars. Utilizing drone technology in warfare situations can help reduce collateral damage as well as neutralize enemy military infrastructure and ammunition. This technology will help the defense sector of India develop UAV systems that can loiter around target areas until the target is locked and then act as suicide bombs, thus eliminating enemy attacks. This technology can also be used for keeping track of enemy and terrorist movements within the country. Drone features include a speed of 180–250+ kmph, a range of 15-20+ km, a flight time of 25 minutes and a carrying payload of 1-2 kg. 

Advanced system features include GPS guidance, targeting, and even the ability to loiter for extended periods before striking.

This technology proves to be effective in minimizing collateral damage while ensuring precision targeting in enemy military activities. This initiative not only propels India forward in defence technology but also fosters domestic manufacturing capabilities, strengthening the national economy and security framework. Successful deployment of this technology will help in operational efficiency, reduced risk to personnel, and cost-effectiveness, leading to achieving tactical advantages at an international level. 

Arth Chowdhary, CEO of InsideFPV, says, "We are actively working on developing this technology so that, all other developed countries, India also has a defence technology, ensuring the security network of the country with minimal collateral damage and neutralizing enemy activities. Compared to traditional manned aircraft or missile systems, kamikaze drones can be produced and deployed more cheaply, but way more effectively."

InsideFPV recently raised Rs 3.5 crore in a seed funding round led by Inflection Point Ventures,Mumbai angels, Soonicorn Ventures, and the MDs of Blackstone and KPMG and will utilize the amount for product development, marketing, and research. Founded in July 2020, InsideFPV has successfully established itself as a pioneer in the drone industry, boasting a strong community of over 28,500 trusted members and 25+ drone experience arenas across India. The company has also been featured on Shark Tank India, Zee TV Naya Bharat, and TedX. 

Drone market in India

In 2024, the drone market in India is poised to generate a revenue of $27.0 million, with an annual growth rate of 5.96% projected for the years 2024–2028. However, when compared globally, China outshines other nations, anticipating a staggering $1,526.0 million in revenue in 2024. Looking ahead, the volume of the drone market in India is expected to reach 75.8 thousand units by 2028, with a notable volume growth of 6.6% predicted for 2025. This surge is attributed to the increasing adoption of drones in agriculture, leading to a revolutionary transformation in farming practices across the country.
(Source- Statista).

With an increase in warfare situations globally, India needs a technology that can give them tactical and operational advantage at an international level.

About InsideFPV: 

InsideFPV is a deep-tech drone manufacturing company dedicated to creating cutting-edge drone technology for consumer, agriculture, and defence applications. With a focus on affordability, reliability, and ease of use, InsideFPV has gained recognition from industry experts, investors, and the broader community. For more information, please visit - InsideFPV | India's Leading Drone Manufacturer

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