insideFPV Flies High with PM Modi's #NamoDrone Didi Initiative

India is entering into a new era of modern farming with insideFPV at the forefront of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's revolutionizing #NamoDrone Didi initiative. This initiative program aims to empower rural women by training them to use drones for agriculture.


Just 6-7 months ago, insideFPV embarked on this journey to bring drone technology to Indian farms. In this short period, the company has played a pivotal role in the impressive growth of India's drone industry benefiting the agricultural sector at large.


The major milestone was the recent Sashakt Nari - Viksit Bharat program where PM Modi himself witnessed agricultural drone demonstrations by the #NamoDrone Didis (Women in the agricultural sector who are envisioned to be empowered) at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in Delhi. It was a trademark occasion with Namo Drone Didis from 10 locations across India simultaneously showcasing their drone operations.


The Prime Minister handed over drones to 1,000 #NamoDrone Didis trained by insideFPV and other companies. Appreciating and celebrating their success, PM Modi called it a historic day for writing new chapters for the Drone Didis and Lakhpati Didis (women entrepreneurs).


So what exactly are these #NamoDrone Didis doing with their drones on the fields?
They are revolutionizing farming practices through precision agriculture enabled by drone technology.


With drones, surveying entire farms, keeping track of crop health, and precision spraying of fertilizers,pesticides and water becomes easy and efficient. This leads to better yields while reducing costs and controlling environmental damage from prevention of excessive spraying.


For insideFPV, training the Drone Didis is just the first step. The company provides revolutionary drones integrated with sensors and software specifically designed for agricultural usage.


Using these drones, the Didis can make precision 3D maps and design their own prescription for nutritional spraying and pest control, tailored for their crops and land. The drones can spray the required inputs( be it water or pesticides) directly over the crops in a targeted manner based on aerial data that has been collected via the aerial surveillance.


Such precision agriculture techniques were unreachable for most Indian farmers until the introduction of #NamoDrone Didi initiative which brought affordable drone technology to their farms.


A new age of sustainable farming and technological inclusion in India has been launched by the initiative, which has trained and employed thousands of rural women as Drone Didis.


The drones that PM Modi personally endorsed and delivered are a testament to his commitment to a women-led "Aatmanirbhar Bharat." The Lakhpati Didi and Drone Didi programs are essential to the socio-economic advancement of rural women, uplifting their status.


With insideFPV's expertise in precision agriculture drones, these initiatives have taken a greats stride towards modernizing Indian farming while creating entrepreneurship opportunities for women.


The Prime Minister's presence sent a powerful message about embracing technological revolutions in critical sectors like agriculture. It marked the beginning of drones going truly mainstream in Indian farming.


The face of Indian agriculture is set for an enormous transformation toward sustainability and profitability when the #NamoDrone Didis, trained by insideFPV, deploy their drones to new regions. This fulfills a significant goal for both the company and the Drone Didi program.

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