InsideFPV features in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2024

  • InsideFPV featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia for the year 2024.
  • Achieved the position in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, 2024, under Consumer Technology
  • More than half a million dollars raised by various investors, including Shark Tank India Season 2, Inflection Point Ventures, etc
  • insideFPV signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UAV Dynamix, an Israel-based drone company.
  • Exchange of technologies and equipment will lead to hardware developments in hardware systems of the drones in both the companies. 
  • The MoU signed opens up the drone market in both India and Israel, with both companies working towards revolutionizing the drone industry in both the national and international markets.
  • Development of Indian drone technology is at a growth stage, with India being the next hub for manufacturing, due to easy and affordable factors of production.
  • insideFPV remotely controlled a drone from 7000 km away, from The Netherlands and flown in Surat, India with a live-video feed in Oman, Bengaluru and London.
  • Achieved a world-record for longest flight time of a UAV vehicle by flying Surveillance drone for 141 minutes, beating the existing record of 132 minutes.
  • Developing drone technology that supports
  • insideFPV has been featured across 200+ media  and news channels for the achievement of innovative technology that eliminates geographical boundaries.
  • Conducted 30+ drone experience arenas all over in India, towards the achievement of the goal of having skilled drone pilots.
  • InsideFPV, founded in July 2020, raised Rs 3.5 crore in seed funding, achieving recognition on Shark Tank India, Zee TV Naya Bharat, and TedX.
  • Boasts a strong community with over 28,500 members and operates 30+ drone experience arenas across India.

    Surat, May 2024: InsideFPV led by Arth Chowdary, Deyvant Bharadwaj Oshi Kumari has been featured in Forbes 30 under 30, Asia, 2024 under Consumer Technology category. This accolade is a high achievement, pushing the boundaries of possibilities. InsideFPV specializes in advanced FPV drones for diverse uses, emphasizing easy-to-use technology and supporting the "Make in India" initiative with innovative, quality products.

    They have accomplished a milestone in drone technology. In May 2024, insideFPV and UAV Dynamix signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), to come together to explore the Indian and Israeli Drone Market and collectively establish themselves as the leading global drone manufacturers. The signing of MoU has opened up the opportunity for exchange of technologies such as hardware and software, to ultimately developing technologies which consist of the best of both. 


    insideFPV recently developed a technology that helped in remotely controlling a drone from thousands of kilometers away, with a live video-feed. They tested this technology when they controlled a “Make-in-India” drone from 7000 kilometers away from India and was controlled by the individuals  in Oman ,Bangalore and Netherlands. The live-feed of this entire experiment was telecasted in Oman and Dubai, simultaneously with its  feed clearly visible on the mobile. Zero* video lag experienced in the experiment, even with the long distance between both the locations.


    insideFPV is constantly working towards developing technology that is the best, and their recently achievement showcases that, where they broke the world record of longest drone flight time of 132 minutes i.e. 2 hours and 12 minutes by flying their drone for 141 minutes, an all-time high and they are constantly working on the technology to increase the flight time even more.


    Arth Chowdhary, CEO, InsideFPV says, "To be featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, is a dream for every businessman, but to actually achieve this honor, that too in just 4 years of the establishment of the company, has been like a dream come true. This achievement is a motivation to keep working hard and achieve even more accolades and grow more as a company. This achievement would not have been possible without our team, and we are thankful to each and every stakeholder associated with the company. We promise to all our stakeholders and ourselves that we will try to achieve more and more every year”


    Founded in July 2020, InsideFPV has successfully established itself as a pioneer in the drone industry, boasting a strong community of over 28,500 trusted members, and 30+ drone experience arenas across India. The company has also been featured on Shark Tank India, Zee TV Naya Bharat, and TedX. insideFPV has 10+ patents filed and keeps on working on developing new technology such as world’s first technology where a drone can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world, like demonstrated where they controlled a drone from 7000 km away from Netherlands in Surat, India with a live video-feed in Oman, Bengaluru and London. 

    Drone market in India

    The India Drone Market is projected to experience remarkable growth, expanding from USD 654 Million in 2024 to USD 1,437 Million by 2029, with a CAGR of 17.0%. The market volume is expected to surge from 10,803 Units in 2024 to 61,393 Units by 2029. This growth is fueled by rising demand across sectors like agriculture, defense, and e-commerce, coupled with supportive government policies and initiatives such as the Drone Shakti scheme. The Indian drone industry is rapidly evolving, driven by increased adoption and favorable regulatory environments, positioning it as a promising market for stakeholders in the coming years.


    About InsideFPV: 

    InsideFPV is a deep-tech drone manufacturing company dedicated to creating cutting-edge drone technology for consumer, agriculture, and defense applications. With a focus on affordability, reliability, and ease of use, InsideFPV has gained recognition from industry experts, investors, and the broader community. For more information, please visit - InsideFPV | India's Leading Drone Manufacturer.


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