How do you get DAN for drones?

How do you get DAN for drones?

The unique number granted by the digital sky platform after uploading its information under the voluntary disclosure plan for drones in India is referred to as the Drone Acknowledgement Number.

An owner having multiple drones can use a single OAN (ownership acknowledgment number) to enlist all of them with multiple DANs. Drone ownership in India without a valid DAN or OAN will result in criminal charges under Indian law. Drone operators must use the DGCA’s software package DigiSky to secure proper authorization before operating drones in India, according to the ‘No permission-No take off’ guideline.

Drone registration is divided into two parts: after uploading the owner’s information, the owner will receive a unique Ownership Acknowledgement Number (OAN). To obtain a Device Acknowledgment Number, the owner must upload the device’s information using this OAN (DAN).


  1. Create a new account on Digital Sky portal (email or otp verification)
  2. OAN/owner profile
  3. DAN/Enlisting drones

While filling out the enlistment form, keep the following documents on hand:-

  1. Scanned copy of first and last page of passport (in one sheet) or front and rear view of Aadhaar card (in one sheet).
  2. Three high-resolution photos of your drone, including a front-view, top-view, and a close-up of the manufacturer’s serial number. A physical measuring-scale should be placed next to the drone in each image to provide a reasonable approximation of its dimensions.
  3. A copy of any utility bill (electricity, water, gas, fixed-line phone, or mobile phone) or a recent bank statement.
  4. A copy of your highest academic qualification (required ONLY for individual owners).
  5. The organization’s PAN card (NOT required for individual owners).
  6. Official letterhead letter declaring appointment of Authorised Signatory (NOT required for individual owners).

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