How close can we expect drones to start delivering in India?

Drone delivery?India?

When India was first to fly planes, even during colonial times that can not dearth the unique spirit and the ancestral knowledge that the Indians possess, what more reason do we need to believe that the drone delivery system is closer than we expect? 

Infact India is set to become the first Asian nation to deliver covid 19 vaccines via drones. 11th September, 2021 (Hyderabad, Telangana) marked the beginning of first trials of MMR vaccine delivery under the organization of World Economic Forum. Partnered with NITI Aayog, Apollo’s HealthNet Global and state government the trial was conducted for about 28 days in designated air corridors in the district of Vikarabad. A bright outcome of the liberalized drone laws, this initiative will help in providing the remote and secluded communities with required healthcare and medics. 

“The Forum is pleased to support the Indian government and industry in demonstrating how emerging technologies can be used to improve access to healthcare for its most vulnerable populations,” said Timothy Reuter, Head of Aerospace and Drones, World Economic Forum. “ The project has set into motion the adoption of drones to deliver lifesaving services across the country. We believe that India’s work with drones can serve as a model for other countries in the region and beyond.” The joint managing director of Apollo Hospitals Group, Dr. Sangita Reddy further illuminated the notion of drone delivery by vocalizing, “Our healthcare sector could potentially witness large scale deliveries of long tail medicines, vaccines, blood and vital organs throughout the country across terrains with drones in action. As clinical partners in the Medicine from the Sky initiative, Apollo Hospital’s HealthNet Global will be responsible for enabling vaccine and medicine availability and properly monitoring the adherence of clinical protocols throughout the project.”

Drones are already in use when it comes to weather or air quality monitoring outside the line of sight and news are already rolling in that Swiggy has joined hands with ARNA to develop beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone deliveries. This pioneering initiative has built a robust hyperlocal delivery system, attracting DGCA and MOCA to elevate the scaling Nation. ANRA coupled with IIT has consorted with Swiggy, Ropar and BetterDrone that will underscore food deliveries, and with Ropar alone to accentuate medical deliveries. 

Everyone is already making a list of Italianos and Biryanis to buy from the flying robots. Nonetheless, we may not be able to request for more origanos or chili flakes from these drones who lack human craving. 

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