DigitalSky Platform

The Digital Sky platform has been launched by the Ministry of Civil Aviation to commence registration of drones, pilots and operators based in India, envisaging a seamless and secure regulatory framework. The drones or their pilots have to be certified under the clauses provided by the Digital Sky platform and have to get the approval before partaking in any flight activities. It is basically an air traffic control (air taxis, air ambulances, etc) system for miniature private, public and government drones. 

The Digital Sky Service Providers distribute the required permissions for any legalised drone flight operation besides maintaining the flight logs and performance reports. It is an exemplary initiative by the Government of India to provide a user-friendly GUI enabled platform that is easy to use while registering or understanding Drone laws.

Vision of Digital Sky

  • This is India’s one of the first paperless, digital registration systems ensuring swift and free for all timely government permits. 
  • The vision is to create a paperfree infrastructure that will support efficient and crisp access to Indian airspace for millions of RPAS.

Methodology of Digital Sky

Based on the suggestions from RPAS operators, remote pilots/users and manufacturers/OEM the Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) has been drafted. Sans permission no RPAS is allowed to fly under the policy of No-Permission- No- Takeoff (NPNT). This is enforced using software based self-enforcement technology for minimum deviations from the CAR. Since the Drone Laws is in its infancy the Digital Sky platform witnesses continuous upgrades and edits. 

What to Explore on Digital Sky

Besides registration facilities one will find 

  • UAS types – get to know what your drone type is (on the basis of its weight) and how high you   may fly it.
  • List of DGCA approved Flying Training Organisations – Ministry of Civil aviation approved list of training organisations for to-be pilots.
  • Latest Drone Regulations – get up to date information about the ever changing Indian drone laws.
  • Interactive AirSpace Map – visual know how on where to fly your drone under safe perimeters. 

The platform will soon have UIN deregistration facilities by 24 December, 2021.


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