ZD 850mm Full Carbon Fiber 850mm Hexa-Rotor Frame Combo Kit



  1. All in one Kit to built DIY Hexacopter
  2. Carbon fiber Arms Can Withstand  5 ° Upturn Force
  3. Large 20mm Carbon Fiber Tube
  4. Aluminium Alloy Folding Pieces
  5. Nylon Mixed Carbon Pipe Clamp
  6. All original Electronics Accessories
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This ZD850mm Full Carbon Fiber 850mm Hexa-Rotor Frame Combo is ideal for Heavy Duty Drone Applications because of its the capability of withstanding the punishing requirements of heavy-duty drone application!!! Let us explain why…

The thing that separates this Z850 Full Carbon Fiber Frame from our rest of Multirotor Frames is the use of 100% pure carbon for manufacturing this Hexacopter Frame. This Hexacopter Frame is made up of 100% 3K TWILL carbon fiber.

The arms of the frame are made from a 20mm carbon fiber tube which eliminates arm breakage at the motor mounts on a hard landing. 

This is Hexacopter Frame which employs 6 arms to get into the air. There are several advantages of a hexacopter frame over a quadcopter one, justifying the extra price tag.

For 6 arms, of course, there are more motors with a hexacopter meaning more power, meaning bigger batteries. This increase in batteries leads to an increase in flight time, which is also nice. Due to these extra motors, a hexacopter is also more stable than your quadcopter equivalent.

Another great advantage of using hexacopters is if for any reason your quadcopter loses a motor, it goes down but with a hexacopter, on the other hand, in the majority of cases you will be able to land safely with one or maybe even two motors down; an extra inbuilt guarantee on your beloved copter.

The frame has a wheelbase of 850mm and weighs around 1210gm. The Z850mm Full Carbon Fiber 850mm Hexa-Rotor Frame Combo is specially designed for heavy-duty drone application and has lots of space for mounting all the required components. This frame is ideal for mounting cameras and other accessories.

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Features :

  1. This pure carbon fiber is ideal to withstand your drone standards.
  2. Ultra-Lightweight and Durable.
  3. Made by 100% 3K Twill super strong and lightweight carbon fiber.
  4. The frame has excellent strength.
  5. The arm has multiple motor mounting holes.
  6. Foldable arms
  7. Plastic tripod connection

Package Includes :

1 x ZD850mm Full Carbon Fiber 850mm Hexa-Rotor Frame Combo

This Combo Includes:

1 x ZD850mm Full Carbon Fiber Frame Kit:
  • 6 x Pure Carbon Fiber Tubes
  • 4 x Landing Gear
  • 6 x Motor mounts
  • 6 x Folding Mechanism
  • 1 x Camera Stand
  • 2 x Mounting Plates
  • 1 x Fitting Accessories

6 x 5010 360KV High Torque Brushless Motor
6 x ReadytoSky 40A Opto ESCs
1 x Pixhawk 2.4.8 Flight Controller
1 x 3DR Radio Telemetry 433MHz 500mW
1 x I2C-USB module with cable
1 x Pixhawk I2C Port Expand Board with Cable with casing
1 x Mini OSD for Pixhawk Flight Controller with Cable
1 x Pixhawk PPM Encoder Module with cable
1 x Ublox NEO-M8N GPS Module with Compass
1 x 16GB MicroSD Card with Adapter
1 x GPS Module mounting stand
1 x Antivibration shock absorber for Pixhawk FC
1 x Pixhawk Power Module with XT60 connector

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