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Vidyut – for Indoors & Outdoors

  • High-performing drone that can handle any terrain and capture stunning footage every time
  • Can be flown indoors and outdoors
  • Can mount any action camera

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Product Type

Analog – Drone Only, Analog Kit, Digital – Drone Only, Digital Kit



Phone Mount
RedCam / ZCam
Flight Time with Camera (LiPo Battery 1300mah 6S) 2mins
Flight Time without Camera (insideFPV Battery) 6mins
Shots Static
Not Affected By Wind
Prop Guard
Indoor Flying
Outdoor Flying
Highest Speed Recorded 70kmph
Flight Time with Camera (LiPo Battery 1300mah 6S) 5mins
Flight Time (insideFPV Battery) 10mins
Live Resolution 720p
Resolution after recording 1080p
Distance* 1.5kms
Live Resolution 480p
Resolution after recording 480p
Distance* 1km

*Distance & Flight Time are based on our standardization tests with top notch goggles & drone antennas. 

The Vidyut Cinewhoop features the Remarkable HD & Analog FPV systems that make flying truly breathtaking. After a lot of time testing and continuous optimization by the insideFPV team, the latest Vidyut has been launched. Vidyut has two versions: Vista HD & Analog. All pilots can choose flexibly.

Get Additional Features :

  • One Drone Crash Warranty
  •  Complimentary Consultation
  •  Affordable Drones
  •  No Pilot License required to Fly​

Vidyut drone

We have collected a large number of data of Cinewhoop Quadcopter and found one thing in common. which is noise level. In this regard, we have done a good noise reduction optimization and optimization design. The separate bottom plate with injection molding guard plus EVA protection Damping sponge makes the Quadcopter more robust and protects against crashes.

Vidyut feature-img

Vidyut feature

The Vidyut FPV Drone is your solution to cinematography. This drone is specifically build for the cruising and speed and provides footage free of frames or props. Easily transfer data without the removal of your camera or power supply via WiFi or USB-C!

Vidyut feature-img

Vidyut feature

It has inbuilt buzzer , Super loudly that the volume can reach up to 110 dB. The LED can flash automatically when the built-in light sensor detects the light darkness.

Advanced ViSense Technology

With ViSense-based technology, the Buzzer Finder  can power itself to beep even the quad battery has been ejected. Even more, the built-in light sensor can detect light intensity and then smartly control the LED light to flash. Besides, it enables the buzzer automatically enter into sleep mode at night to save power and not disturb.

Much Louder than Standard Buzzer

To easily find the lost drone in long distance, the  buzzer is designed to install a very loud beeper that the DB is over 100.

Vidyut feature-img

Vidyut feature


  • Easy Data Transfer without removal of the camera or power supply
  • Perfectly Centered Camera Positioning
  • Extremely Smooth Flight
  • Installed GPS which would provide you with return to certain height ( at extra cost)
  • Lens Protection , Reliable Power ,Well-Balanced
  • Pre-tuned with smooth freestyle settings
  • Buzzer Protection for lost and Found

Package Included (Analog/Digital Drone Only):
1 * Vidyut Drone
1 * Accessories

Package Included (Analog/Digital Drone Kit):
1* Vidyut Drone
1* Radio Controller
1* FPV Goggle
1* Accessories

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