SucceX-D Mini F7 V2 2-6S TwinG FC (ICM20689) -φ4 Mounting

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The SucceX-D Mini F7 is designed to work seamlessly with DJI’s new HD FPV system. To make things even simpler, the DJI Air unit can just be plugged into the FC with the included wire harness. In addition, we added the popular and reliable USB Type-C instead of Micro USB and therefore the same standard than your DJI module.

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The TwinG uses two identical gyros oriented side by side with one offset 90 degrees from the other. Betaflight uses GYRO FUSION to blend and average the information from both gyros to send a much cleaner signal to the PID loop controller! Less noise and fewer oscillations across the throttle band without adding any delay! Betaflight software filters can be lowered in most cases as well, which brings a significant decrease in delay.
With plenty of processing power and UARTS, this is also the perfect flight controller for long-range GPS builds. And the TwinG configuration makes it the perfect FC for builds like macro quads, cinematic filming rigs and x-class racers that are a bit trickier to tune.
FC // SucceX-D Mini F7 V2.0
  • MCU: 216MHz STM32F722
  • Gyro: ICM20689
  • Blackbox: 32MB
  • Baro: NO
  • Betaflight OSD: IFLIGHT OSD (AT7456E)
  • BEC: 5V 2.5A / 9V 2.5A
  • Smartaudio & Tramp VTX protocol supported
  • WS2812ledStrip:Yes
  • Beeper pad : Yes
  • UARTs:4
  • UART1 for Receiver
  • UART2for VTX HD/Analog Telemetry
  • UART4 for GPS or other sensors that require a serial port
  • UART5 for ESC Telemetry
  • 4×Dshot/PWM outputs
  • 1×I2C
  • 1×SH1.0 8pin connector for ESC(GND/BAT/M1/M2/M3/M4/CUR/R5)
  • 1xSH1.0 6pin connector for Any Receiver or DJI(R1/GND/R2/T2/GND/+9V)
  • 4×0201LEDs for FC STATUS(Blue,Red,Orange)and 3.3V indicator (Red) BAT/+5V/3.3V/start
  • BLHeli32 Telemetry:Yes
  • Input voltage:recommended 2-6S, MAX 6S
  • Firmware target: IFLIGHT_F722_TWING
  • Mounting pattern: 20*20mm φ4
  • Dimensions:   29*29mm
  • USB type-C
Package Included:
-SucceX-D Mini F7 TwinG FC V2.0
-Cable harness for DJI Air Unit
-Cable for ESC
TYPE-C dust plug


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