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RushTank Plus 5.8GHz VTX w/ Smart Audio

The Rush Tank Ultimate Plus is a high-quality 5.8GHz VTX with strong anti-interference ability and stable transmission. The Ultimate Plus has four adjustable levels of transmitting power. They are PIT/25/200/500/800 mW.

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Compact size
Built-in AGC Mic


Item Name: Tank Plus
Input Voltage: 7-36V DC
Output Voltage: 5V 1A
12V Input Current: 40mA@Pitmode, 95mA@25mW, 185mA@200mW, 250mA@500mW, 380mA@800mW
Channels: 48CH RaceBand / LowRace
Power: PIT/25/200/500/800 mW
Dimensions: 33.6*22.8*4.1 mm
Weight: 6.66g(without cable)

Package Includes:

1 x Tank Plus 5.8GHz VTX w/ Smart Audio
1 x Wires


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