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Hobbywing X6 Power System for Agricultural Drones


Hobbywing 12KG Thrust Brushless Motor Combo

The X6 propulsion system, which integrates motor, ESC,
propeller and motor mount (with the optional 30-to-28 tube adapter,
it’s compatible with 28mm&30mm diameter carbon fiber arm tubes)
together, is easy to mount and use.

Latest model X6 Agriculture propulsion System integrated with ESC Motor, propeller and direct motor mount.

This motor mounts accepts Carbon tube of OD 28 to 30mm.

This is a professional agriculture motor designed and develped by hobbywing. They are designed for agriculture environment where payload is critical part.

This motor can take maximum thrust of 12KG but optimal effeciency for 5 to 8KG per motor. If you plan for a quad then total upweight it can take is 20KG. So 10KG drone weight and 10KG payload.

For a quadcopte it can take 20KG all up weight and for hexacopter will take all up weight of 30KG.

We are out of stock, but more is on the way!

Additional information

FOC-based PMSM Algorithm Perfect Propulsion System

The FOC (Field Oriented Control)-based PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) algorithm, an optimized algorithm for improving the collaborative performance of the ESC, motor & propeller, makes the motor-propeller more balanced and creates a propulsion system features high stability, reliability and efficiency.

Super Waterproof

The X6 propulsion system is waterproof to IPX7 standard. It’s applicable to almost all the harsh working conditions (for agricultural applications) like rainwater, pesticides, salt spray, high temperature, sand and dust. Combined with the outlets at the bottom of the motor mount

High-brightness LED Indicator

The X6 propulsion system also contains a high-brightness LED indicator, you can choose the light color or disable it. It can provide the information about the working status of the system and send a warning when any abnormal issue occurs, that significantly improves the safety of the system.

High Thrust & Efficiency Propeller

The 2388 propeller made of special high-strength carbon fiber is solid and light, and guarantees great consistency and excellent dynamic balance. The optimized aerodynamic shape combined with the optimized electromagnetic design adopted by the motor and the high efficiency FOC (Field Oriented Control) algorithm implemented by the ESC guarantee the high thrust & efficiency of the propulsion system.


Super Impact Resistance

The unique keel-like structure design adopted by the motor mount/ESC case optimizes heat dissipation, improves overall strength. In particular, it protects the motor parts and makes the motor highly impact-resistant. That greatly reduces the possibility of structure deformation/malfunction caused by drop or hit.


p/n 30414050 / 30414051
Max Thrust 12kg/Axis (48V, Sea Level )
Recommended LiPo Battery 12S LiPo
Recommended Takeoff Weight 3-5kg/Axis(48V,Sea Level)
Product Weight (ESC/Motor/Prop) 720g
Waterproof Rating IPX7
Operating Temperature -20℃~65℃



Stator Size 70mm
KV Rating 180kv
O.D of Carbon Fiber Tube φ30mm/φ28mm (*Tube Adapter will be Needed)
Bearing Imported Bearing


Recommended LiPo Battery 6-12S LiPo
PWM Input Signal Level 3.3V/5V (Compatible )
Throttle Signal Frequency 50-500Hz
Operating Pulse Width 1100-1940 μs (Fixed or cannot be Programmed )
Max. Input Voltage 52.2V
Max. Input Current (Cont.) 80A(w/ Good Heat Dissipation )
Max. Peak Current (10s) 100 A (w/ Good Heat Dissipation )
Nozzle Mounting Holes Φ28.4mm-2*M3


Diameter×Thread Pitch 2388
Weight 91g (w/ Propeller Adapter, Single Blade: 36g)


Voltage(V) Propeller Throttle(%) Thrust Ampere(A) Power(W) Efficiency(g/W)
48V(12S LIPO) 23 Inch Foldable Propeller 40% 1996 3.5 172 11.6
47% 3014 6.3 306.2 9.8
54% 4005 9.6 468.6 8.5
60% 4987 13.4 656.1 7.6
66% 5986 17.8 870 6.9
71% 7071 22.8 1112 6.3
76% 7973 27.8 1357.5 5.9
81% 8995 34 1659.4 5.4
85% 10026 40.7 1984.1 5.1
100% 11910 56.8 2761.3 4.316000


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