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Heat shrink tubing insulation assorted kit: 45mm length 530 pcs

A Set of Multicolor 45 mm Long Heat Shrink Sleeve Industrial Grade WOER (HST) is excellent for insulation. They have exceptional insulation characteristics, excellent stress control properties; long-term weather and regular wear and tear resistance, ease of installation, and reliable performance in even in the harshest of the situations.

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These High performance 2:1 heat shrink material tubes, bundles, and protects cables; wire, and hoses are for a wide range of DIY applications. It is used extensively for cable and wire harnessing, strain relief, insulation, color-coding, identification, and protection.

Simply a great way to create a Flexible, Heat Resistant, and Waterproof tight joint. Just slide a slightly larger tube at the desired location and apply heat through a cigarette lighter, or a heat gun; for about 10 seconds and the tube will shrink down and will hold the joint tightly.

Kit includes:
(Quantity + diameter + length + color )

80 pcs x 1.5 x 45mm yellow
80 pcs x 2.0 x 45mm blue
80 pcs x 2.0 x 45mm black
60 pcs x 3.0 x 45mm green
50 pcs x 4.0 x 45mm red
50 pcs x 4.0 x 45mm black
30 pcs x 5.0 x 45mm black
20 pcs x 6.0 x 45mm yellow
20 pcs x 8.0 x 45mm red
20 pcs x 10.0 x 45mm green
20 pcs x 10.0 x 45mm blue
20 pcs x 10.0 x 45mm black

Package Includes:

1 x Heat Shrink Tubing (HST) Insulation Assorted kit : 45mm length – 530pcs


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