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Dheer – for Stability

  • Powerful and reliable cinewhoop
  • Has impressive speed of 60km/hr with crash-resistant design
  • Can mount any action camera


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Insta360        ✅
Phone Mount
GoPro        ✅
RedCam / ZCam
Flight Time with Camera (LiPo Battery 1100mah 6S) 2mins
Flight Time with Camera (insideFPV Battery) 6mins
Shots Static
Not Affected By Wind ✅
Prop Guard        ✅
Indoor Flying        ✅
Outdoor Flying        ✅
Highest Speed Recorded 55kmph
Flight Time with Camera (LiPo Battery 1100mah 6S) 5mins
Flight Time (insideFPV Battery) 10mins
Live Resolution 720p
Resolution after recording 1080p
Distance* 1km
Live Resolution 480p
Resolution after recording 480p
Distance* 1km

*Distance & Flight Time are based on our standardization tests with top notch goggles & drone antennas. We recommend you mount action camera on Analog drone.


Dheer is made for angle mode cinematic flying, while flying steady and smooth it performs like a beast, as soon as you start going wild on the stick it bucks you off like a wild horse .

You will get the analog 4S version which will be the affordable option. If you dont own a 3D printer this is a must since a cinewhoop is meant to capture HD footage.

Dheer is the one most capable cinewhoop in the market by specifications , features and reliablity.

Dheer has been fully built and test-flown for you, so you can simply plug in battery and go! Our professional build team takes the guesswork out of the building and tuning for you by pre-programming the flight controller settings and using only high-quality motors, ESCs, and FPV gear.


  • Lightweight one-piece frame design (Less flexibility, more Rigid, more Durable)
  • No Props or frames in view!
  • High-performance True-AIO Board  to save weight and space
  • T700 Quality Carbon (40% more tensile strength compared to common 3K carbon)
  • Low Resonance frame construction (Less Jello, more Cinematic)
  • Bumper prop guards to protect the sensitive environment or yourself
  • Pre-tuned with smooth freestyle settings

The stable electronic equipment and advanced frame materials make this quadcopter stable for FPV freestyle tricks. The customized EVA protective foam cushioning around the frame is more elastic and can effectively protect the fuselage during crashes!

The propeller inlet is smoother and the noise is lower. The redesigned shock absorption structure of the camera mount and GoPro Lite eliminated the jelly of the camera and FPV camera, with the use of 3, 4, and 5 damping rings (according to the flight state) to obtain the best stability in vibration and noise.

This is where the Dheer is different than most by using a high-quality resin material to make the ducts. The result is an ultra-smooth, molded-like finish. It looks great and works even better! Oh, and yes they are very durable! With the added foam bumper you’ll have no fear of bumping off walls and objects without skipping a beat.


Dheer is color matched with its 3d printed parts in black and red making it visually appealing, sometimes making it look like a toy which it is definitely not. The frame it self is a unibody design, meaning if you break an arm you have to replace the whole top or bottom plate. The design of the frame it self is pretty simple, to support the foam and 3d printed PLA ducts.


It adopts the most popular  design on the FPV field at present. It can effectively use the thrust weight ratio of the propeller to obtain higher flight efficiency. In the overall layout of the drone, insideFPV puts efficient weight in the center of the quadcopter, so that the center of gravity of the quadcopter is in the middle.

Package Included (Analog/Digital Drone Only):
1 * Dheer Drone
1 * Accessories


Package Included (Analog/Digital Drone Kit):
1* Dheer Drone
1* Radio Controller
1* FPV Goggle
1* Accessories

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