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Citrya – for Films , Media & Aerial Photography

  • Citrya is a high-performance drone designed for professionals in the film industry
  • Capable of capturing stunning aerial footage from a distance
  • Comes with pre-installed GPS module and beeper


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Digital – Drone Only, Digital Kit, Rent



Phone Mount
RedCam / ZCam
Flight Time with Camera (LiPo Battery) 4mins
Flight Time with Camera (insideFPV Battery)
Shots Static, Dyanamic Shots & High Manuverability
Not Affected By Wind
Prop Guard
Indoor Flying
Outdoor Flying
Highest Speed Recorded 80kmph
Flight Time (LiPo Battery) 10mins
Flight Time (insideFPV Battery)
Live Resolution 1080p
Resolution after recording 4K
Live Resolution

Citrya – for Films & Media


Citrya image

Cinelifters are becoming increasingly popular in the film scene and allow for incredible shots. That’s where the big brother of the Cinewhoops comes in handy.


Citrya image

The Cinelifter is equipped with an all-round propeller protection and thus also enables flights in closed rooms, although a very large room is required for this.

Citrya features

Citrya features

A large selection of different camera mounts make it possible to mount a large number of different cameras. For example a Komodo, Zcam, BMPCC or even a GH5.

Citrya features -camera mount

Citrya features -camera mount

This 1,330kg plus LiPo copter is operated with 6S 3700mAh – 6s 4400mAh LiPos and thus enables a flight time of up to 10-15 minutes – depending on the load. A pre-installed GPS module and a beeper ensure safety.

We’ve came a long way with action cameras, offering outstanding quality with little weight and a small footprint.

But do you want to get shoot some commercials, maybe get into cinema videography? Well, then you need to step up your game. Those cameras offer higher quality but bigger lenses, higher weight in exchange with all the dynamic range, color profiles and crisp footage you might possibly want.


  • Plug and Fly Citrya Drone
  • 1 x  LiPo Battery
  • 1x Goggles
  • 2x  Set of 4 – Color May Vary)
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 1x insideFPV Lipo Strap
  • 1x Allen Key tools
  • 1 x Mount for Action Camera
  • 1 x Battey Quick Mount
  • 1 x Propeller Wrench


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