Top 10 Indian Drone Manufacturers

Top 10 Indian Drone Manufacturers

With the soaring popularity of unmanned vehicles – drones – in several industries across the economy, and the second wave of a pandemic that makes technological solutions all the more crucial for human progress, here is our top 10 list of the best drone manufacturers in the country:


insideFPV, the Shark Tank India company is India’s first company to provide Plug and Fly FPV drones where customers just have to plug the battery in the drone and fly it, rest everything is taken care of by them by providing drone crash warranty and free consultation to their customers.

The startup has been recognized by #startupindia for its contribution to the Robotics Industry, by the Government of India. They are also a proud part of VIT-TBI (Technology Business Incubator) and D-Labs at ISB, Hyderabad.

At insideFPV, they provide the platform which empowers our customers to capture videos in a style that were once out of their reach. Amazing FPV Drone products treasured their cinematography using the high-end professional FPV drones varying from different usage and range.

Aarav Unmanned Systems

A start-up established in IIT Kanpur and headquartered in Bangalore, AUS detonated into the Indian drone scene in 2013, taking the field by storm, with their novel integration of drone innovation into mapping and reconnaissance. Their exceptionally claim Understanding PPK drone, with a 30 min flight time and 3km extend is extraordinarily prepared with Post-Processing Kinematics (PPK) that permits comes about to be compiled after all information has been collected. Keeping up world-class benchmarks in drone insights and plan advancement, AUS is the undisputed lord of the Indian commercial drone advertise.

1 Martian Way

This Mumbai based Indian drone producer is most celebrated for the creation of the Indian Drone Racing League (IDRL). Their objective was initially to supply drone-based arrangements to businesses, but they inevitably rotated into giving computer program and AI to control rambles and indeed robots and web and portable stagespermitting their innovation and computer program to other third party companies. Few can compare to their extraordinary brand-building, with the IDRL and Roboland being fair the begin. Their amazing armada incorporates the acclaimed 1MW Geospatial Intel Suite and the 1 MW Backduck.


This 2017 startup has already come a long way, having already been seen working with big names such as the Tata Group and even the Government of India. They operate in the unique niche of load-bearing drones, with their free-flight drones capable of flying for three hours, and carrying payloads of upto 3 kg. Originally in the space of creating add-ons to DJI drones, Aero360 has released its own tethered drone, complete with a carbon fibre frame and fold-away landing gear. They also provide imaging solutions for high-resolution imaging and videography, mapping, surveillance and inspection purposes.


This startup by an IIT-B alumnus was founded in 2007, and makes custom drones to satisfy your every need. It’s Switch UAV is best known for its 15 km range and 120 min flight time. The 720p main camera and 480p thermal camera and 25x optical zoom make this a fearsome machine to reckon with. So fearsome, in fact, that ideaForge has signed deals with the Indian Army for use of their drones in  combat and reconnaissance situations.

Drones Tech Lab

With its impressive array of drones for a multitude of purposes including, but not limited to agriculture, surveillance and photography, the Kolkata-based Rchobbytech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and their  Drones Tech Lab are an emerging player that is increasingly dominating the Indian market. Its team of experts has put together some of the most incredible drones, while simultaneously building a powerful brand. It is also widely known for its quality counter-drone technology to put an end to the menace of rogue drones.

Detect Technologies

This 2016, IIT Madras-incubated start-up uses powerful intelligent algorithms and patented hardware to push the frontiers of predictive technologies. Their standout product, the Noctua, can conduct highly regulated periodic inspections of equipment with precision and accuracy. In fact, it ranks among the few systems that can perform a controlled, preset flight path indoors due to its capable positioning system.

Asteria Aerospace

This Bangalore-based company boasts over 50 highly specialised drones deployed all over the nation for a variety of purposes. Their most important models are the Cygnus A10 – a light UAV designed for both civilian and even military surveillance, providing high-resolution nighttime imaging, as well as the astounding maximum speed of 85 km/h and 90 min flight time; and the A400 – with advanced haul abilities for carrying security equipment.

Quidich Innovation Labs

This 2013-established manufacturer has already made huge strides in the aerial cinematography sector, having worked with IPL 2015 and even filmed a Ford Mustang commercial in 2016, with a fleet of 30 drones. While they are not yet selling their drones to the public, they provided a wide variety of drone-based services such as aerial cinematography, drone swarms, and even support to law enforcement through their in-development facial recognition technology. They have already found big-name clients such as RedBull, the Indian Railways and National Geographic, to name a few. 

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